Hi.I’m Rachel Miller!

Mom to a vanful, coffee-chugging, extrovert, I believe we’re all gifted with the ability and the duty to make an impact in the world around us!  A business’ impact is the result of two things… Having an audience and having a product that solves a real problem.

Having grown audiences in multiple platforms into the millions, for my own businesses, I’ve become a digital sorcerer of sorts, coaching over 27,000 businesses to boost their reach without making their wallets weep on pricey ads. 

Recently, I have created AI tools to help business owners both grow their customer base and also craft the perfect products to knock their socks off!  I would be honored to support you and see you make the impact you’re called to!!

Fun things about me…


Humans call me “Mom”


Most people I have spoke to from a single stage.


Business owners who purchased my courses.


How long in minutes it takes to create a digital product


Average cups of coffee I drink a day


Profitably spent in ads to earn 8 figures and counting.


Amazing team members to support your impact!


Copies of books I have sold as a “best-selling author”


Number of businesses we helped go viral -without ads!


Amount of people my record client reached on social – without ads.

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