How to Create a Physical Product to Pair with Your Course or Membership

Let’s get physical, physical. (You’re singing that song now, aren’t you?!) And every time I think about this topic, I can’t help but hum along or sometimes belt out that tune. Catchy, right? But the truth is, it’s crazy simple to create a physical product that your audience will LOVE.

How do I know? I do this every single month. And every time I create something physical, it sells better, it gets better results and honestly, it helps hold the people of my course more accountable.  

BUT, let’s not hate on digital products completely. There is absolutely a market for digital products. 100%.

Some people tend to do great with digital offerings, and if it works for them, that’s great. I just feel very strongly about the fact that there is a need for more physical products as well.

How to Create a Physical Product to Pair with Your Course or Membership

How to Make a Physical Product of Your Course or Membership

For those of you that have purchased my Moolah course, you know that it’s an online “go at your own pace” kinda course. BUT, in addition to that, everyone who purchased Moolah (starting from the January 2019 launch) also got a physical binder mailed to them as well.


Because everyone learns and absorbs differently. AND it adds more value to what I’m offering.

If you happen to have a course that doesn’t change a ton, offering a physical product can be amazing.

Teaching guitar or something along those lines where the meat of the course is consistent? It’s prime for creating a physical product.

One of the students of Moolah, Ana Willis, teaches Hebrew and her course is one that wouldn’t change often and could be a great candidate for a physical product as well.

See where I’m going with this? 

Why offer a physical product with your course or membership

There are so many reasons why having a physical product can elevate your offerings to a whole other level. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking…what if something changes in my course?

That’s fine! There is a way to handle that with ease.

The answer? Create your physical product in binder form so if a section does change, you can have your students remove that section and replace with the new one. Easy peasy. 

That way, when change happens (and it does), you’re just replacing a small section or a few pieces of paper rather than a whole new book. Adds flexibility for your offerings and saves a ton of money in the long run, too.

How can your physical product add value to your customers?

Guys. Without a doubt, a physical product adds immediate value.


Because when you give them something that is there in their face, it tends to MAKE them be more actionable. What do I mean by that exactly?

How easy is it to ignore something in our email or online just because we “can”. Super simple, right? BUT, when you create a physical product that can’t just be hidden that easily, it tends to make people take more action.

The binders that we created for Moolah are bright green for a reason. Yes, we could have done black or gray or something color like that…but we did green because we knew that it would catch and capture attention. The moment that the person sees that binder, it reminds them of their course that they’ve invested in. 

How hard is it to create a physical product to sell? 

Here’s the deal…it’s not hard at all.

I’m in love with the site AliExpress and I use it all the time for my binder needs. Products there a cheap, and actually, provide great value to my physical products.

I can literally go online, buy something in bulk that is a fit with my course and it INSTANTLY adds value to what I’m offering. 

Why should I add a physical product to my course

What will people pay for a physical product? 

While I don’t have the magic answer to that, I can tell you that if there is a physical product attached, people will pay more. Period.

If you want to create a digital course, you can increase your chance of making a lot of money simply by adding some sort of physical product that adds value. 

One one of my sites, I have a printable about meal planning. (Yes, I dabble in a lot of things) So, while I knew this printable was of value as it was, I also knew that there was a way to increase that value, too. 

I made one simple addition…For $9.99, you can get a magnet for your fridge that has the same information as the printable, but just in a physical form that you could see all the time…guess what? It sold. And it sold a bunch.

See what I mean? Creating a physical product doesn’t have to be anything drastic. Not at all. 

It can be as simple as creating bumper stickers, t-shirts, binders….you name it. Whatever you can sell that goes along with your offering increase your value a ton.

PLUS, it helps with your branding, too. 

What is the cost of having a physical product?

Again, it is going to vary. It depends on what you choose and if you are going to pay for shipping as well. 

My product for my course costs me anywhere between $6-$20 to create and another $6-$20 to ship. And while I know that’s a wide number, there are a lot of factors that play into that as well. 

Depending on where I order from can change the cost, and if I assemble it myself…you get the idea. And strategically, we choose priority shipping as a way to get our product to our customers quicker because that adds even more value. 

When people order your product, they want it fast. (Don’t we all?) The more quickly you can get your product into their hands, the more quickly they’re going to react in using or wearing it. 

The longer it takes, the more it gets pushed back in their needs and thoughts. 

Bottom line?

If you have the ability to create a physical product for your course or offerings, do so. It’s truly an investment that will offer great rewards and dividends to you and your customers.

Make a Physical Product for Your Course or Membership



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