Simple Ways to Maximize Your Site’s Ad Revenue

Let’s be honest, your end goal in business is profit. It’s what allows you to fulfill the “why” behind your business; like building schools, paying off debt, or even the freedom to be your own boss. There are a number of income streams you can develop with your online presence, but we’re going to dive into ad revenue.

Maximize Your Site’s Ad Revenue

Jordan from AdThrive shared a number of simple ways to maximize your ad revenue.

Majority of your readers will be visiting your site using a mobile phone or tablet. However, the majority of ad earnings comes from desktop users. This goes along with what I share in the FB Page Strategies e-course. People feel more comfortable buying and clicking ads from their desktop.

This doesn’t mean completely forget your mobile traffic. It means taking the time to create an ad strategy for both mobile and desktop users.

Top 5 Takeaways on Maximizing Your Ad Revenue

Ad Placement and Visibility

Having highly visible ads make advertisers happy! Think about it from the advertisers point of view. They want their ad to be easily viewed for as long as possible.

Jordan suggests using fixed sidebar and footer ads. As your reader scrolls through your content, the ad continues to be visible. Advertisers love this since their ad is being viewed for a longer period of time.

Ad Specs

The most popular sidebar ad sizes are 300 x 250 px or 300 x 600 px. Implementing these sizes creates competition for that virtual real estate potentially increasing your ad revenue.

Make sure your ads are mobile responsive, so they don’t get pushed below the content where they may be missed.

Website Quality Matters

The overall user experience matters as advertisers determine where they want to bid for advertising space. Review your content, theme, and framework to ensure that you are providing both visitors and advertisers a positive experience.

High quality interaction creates trust, which is essential as you start monetizing your site.

Site Speed

How quickly does your site load for readers? Test for yourself using Google PageSpeed Insights. A slow site is not only frustrating for readers, but it makes it more difficult for your ads to be shown.

Ad Revenue from Video Content

We’ve discussed the importance of video content, especially in growing your Facebook page. It’s essential on your website too. Readers will stay on your site longer increasing your session duration measurement in Google Analytics.

Advertisers are hungry for that spot for the same reason! They know that your reader is sitting there watching, which means the ad is right in front of them too.

Why Ad Revenue?

Diversifying your income streams will give your business budget a better footing. Ad revenue is not a consistent option because it’s dependent on your site’s traffic levels.

Sometimes algorithms change on different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram. Throughout the year there are cycles where you’ll see a regular ebb and flow.

In spite of this, ad revenue is a passive income stream. It’s like the slow cooker of revenue streams. You set it and forget it.

A diverse income stream makes all the difference. If you’re just starting to monetize your website, build one stream at a time. You want each one operating at its best!

The Foundation

Are you starting to see why building your audience, your community is so important? They become the foundation of so many other aspects of your business.

We’ve seen so many Moolah wins from product launches to massive page growths because at the center of it all we are connecting with the right audience.

Make sure to grab our conversation starters, to get your audience engaged!

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