How We Topped 1 Million Pageviews a Month and the Strategy That Lets Us Keep The Clicks Coming

Does this sound familiar? You churn content out wondering why no one is visiting your blog or maybe you even hit a plateau in your site traffic. This happens for many sites on the web. Even one as large as One Crazy House, I’ve had those moments where my pageviews make you go “meh.” 

And the sad part is, the larger your page gets, the harder it is to get excited about “meh” traffic. Y’all it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry – you know the eyeballs will come and read your content, but it’s not happening quickly.

1 Million Pageviews a Month – What’s the Secret Sauce?

Jon Morrow’s Freedom Machine course reminded me how something was missing…that magic touch. Somewhere along the line, our content creation workflow shifted. We pumped out content like a machine because we thought that’s what our audience wanted. Tons and tons of new content.

With just one tweak from the very first module of his e-course, we got back on track. 

The content production workflow transitioned to a model similar to the one pictured below. I forgot that our readers should be driving our content. We were stuck in that blogging perspective that Morrow talks about.

photo credit: Freedom Machine Smart Blogger Campus

You see, we thought of blogging as something separate from everything else we had going on. And that’s exactly what Jon talks about in his course.

Challenge your blogging brand and flip the perspective a bit. Find your audience, listen to your audience, and let them tell you exactly what they are looking for. The funny thing is, it’s not so different than my Moolah strategy is it? 

The best indicator of what people want is to analyze the content they are already clicking, reading and sharing. – Jon Morrow, Freedom Machine

1 Hour of Research = 3 Months of Content Ideas!

Jon suggests using research-based tools like Buzzsumo to identify popular posts on similar sites. However, just to start the ball rolling we used our social media audiences to review what they engaged with the most. If you don’t have an audience yet, don’t worry! Review comparable sites that have a reader-base of 1 million or more.

Take an hour and review what posts are getting the most engagement:

  1. Is there a pattern of topic ideas within your niche?
  2. How many likes, comments, shares, pins are they generating?
  3. Write out trending topics.
  4. Bullet point blog post ideas based on each trending topic.

It’s through this exercise that you’ll be able to find the “pattern of popularity” that Jon talks about. Research the patterns for not only topic ideas but headlines as well! You could have a whole quarter of content mapped out in just one session. See how we did it below!

For example:

TOPIC: Cleaning Hacks 

  • Bathroom Cleaning Hacks
    • Skip the Elbow Grease with These Powerful Natural Homemade Shower/Bath Cleaners
    • Bathroom Cleaning Tools That Actually Work We Put Them to the Test (affiliate)
  • Kitchen Cleaning Hacks
    • Clean Your Microwave in 2 Steps Without Scrubbing!
    • Never Lose A Storage Container Lid Again With This Organization Hack

Building your audience is the key to unlocking a million pageviews!

The Smart Blogger course dives deep into shifting your blogging perspective and really mastering content. And how you view your blog. So what happens when you start to shift your production focus?

You can see the tide start to shift in this monthly view. We increased pageviews by nearly 50%. That’s almost a 500,000 increase in pageviews, friends! I started listening to our tribe. What do they want to read? What type of medium do they prefer to consume? 

My readers LOVE video content and super long lists of ideas! So we shifted. Check out some of my blog’s latest posts from reader led content! Some of my readers even submitted photos that we could use across our social media platforms. You know what that means? They were more likely re-share the heck out of it because they were featured on the blog!

Reader led content creates pageviews.         

Why are reader-driven pageviews more profitable?

The goal of the Smart Blogger e-course is to create your “Freedom Machine” or 6-figure blog! Most of us know by now, that it doesn’t happen without pageviews.

Pageviews, in general, are stinkin’ cool, right? But, reader-driven pageviews builds trust and loyalty. Your fans or followers feel empowered because they finally feel heard. Their voice finally matters. 

What does that mean for you? That means they will turn into die-hard fans, the raving ones that we love in our social media pages. They will share the heck out your new posts because it resonates with them. Hmmm…where have we heard that before? 

They will be more likely to click on that affiliate link and sit on your site generating higher ad revenue!

Look, the reality is pageviews matter…PERIOD! But, if your goal is a 6-figure blog with multiple income streams, you’re going to want the right readers paired with the right content.

Can’t give away the farm, right?

Jon’s strategy packed course contains so much actionable content that we could only give you a nugget of what we learned. Obviously, to make 6-figures there’s a lot more to it than shifting our content creation workflow. 

The Freedom Machine team shares their advanced strategies on crafting captivating headlines to building stunning blog posts and tons and I mean TONS more! Even the assignments are so well thought out, with actionable steps after every lesson. 

The one change we implemented that changed our pageviews. #RachelMiller #BlogStrategy #Pageviews

Want to learn more?

When it comes to blogging, there’s none better than Jon’s Smart Blogger e-course. There’s a natural flow between our blogs and Facebook pages that just fits perfectly! 

Page Strategies will help you grow the audience needed to smash through Jon’s e-course. Our blogging team applies the Smart Blogger strategies to all 3 of our blogs because it’s that phenomenal.

And because we want you to succeed in serving your audience we’re throwing in a few bonuses for everyone that registers for Jons course through our link.

Bonus #1: 49 Conversation starters to jumpstart engagement on your page.

Bonus #2: The big list of Facebook Banned words

Serve your audience, listen to them, and give them what they want and you’ll have the magic touch we talked about earlier.


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